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Help me! I don't have kuid:XXXXX:XXX, Can you send it to me?


No, use the Trainzkuidindex. If you can't find it still, take a look on the Si3d forums or ask around.


Will your content work in Trainz 12?


Most should work, however, there may be some errors with older content. Usually these are simple screenshot errors. If you encounter this, put a jpg in the folder with the config.txt and rename it to the jpg it is looking for. For example, it might be " screenshot.jpg " or " $screenshot$.jpg ". 


Will your content work in Trainz: A new era?


Most content will most likely not work. Anything that uses any type of script will not work in T:ANE at the moment. Wagons such as Elsie should work. None of us have T:ANE so we cannot be sure.