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Regarding Future Content

For the following reason, Sodor Workshops can no longer guarantee support for versions of Trainz prior to Trainz: A New Era Service Pack 2. This decision has several factors that will make both our lives and you, the user simpler as the future goes on. 

Lately there has been an outbreak in model ripping with some users claiming credit to meshes they clearly do not own. In order to prevent this from happening on our future models, some Workshops modellers will be using the FBX method of exporting which results in the models being TANE SP2 models and above only. There will be no way possible to convert these meshes to non-TANE, and also prevent ripping.

TANE goes on sale quite often and can run on most low end machines with most settings disabled. As the future of Trainz continues, staying behind will only get worse and worse.