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New arrivals in the Workshops Carriage Sheds!


Our first new models of the new year, Annie and Clarabel have arrived on Sodor Workshops courtesy of Baby Knuck Knuck! Available for Trainz 2009+, Thomas's faithful coaches are modelled as they have appeared in the CGI series. Enjoy!


Workshopmas returns!


Hello all! Today marks the return of an age-old tradition, Workshopmas! The Workshops team has been preparing several releases throughout the year that we plan to release throughout the next month according to the new advent calendar on the front page, and we hope you're entertained by them all. Keep in mind, many of the releases this year will be 19 only content, but we have one or two big surprises for 09-TANE users aswell, and some inside jokes too! Note that the current Trello doesn't represent any of our release plans, so don't base speculations of potential releases on card completion, ordering, etc. With that, enjoy, and have a merry Christmas!


The Troublesome Trucks crash onto Sodor Workshops!


The mischief makers of Sir Topham Hatt's railway have arrived for Trainz 2019! The Troublesome Trucks come in two lovely flavors, with the classic 7 planks and the less often seen LBSCR vans of the model series. Both come in various liveries from the model series and have miscellaneous loads to carry (and spill) across Sodor. All have 3D faces, which can be disabled for use as ordinary trucks, Many thanks go to Jje09 for these wonderful trucks, but be careful when pulling them, for who knows what trouble they could be scheming...


Thanks also go to Darth Assassin for showing these guys in action here. Enjoy!


A Day Out with Workshops!


Today marks the end of our Day Out with Thomas competition. We have 5 glorious entries from very talented entrants all showcasing a small part of Day Out with Thomas (and its competitor's) events.

Check out our Contest page for our honorable mentions and make sure to search our Standard Gauge Rolling Stock and our Original/Alternate Character pages for our top three winners. Thanks again to all who entered, and see you for the next contest!


A splendid release!


Today marks our first Railway Series TRS19 model from Camscott! Camscott has done a lovely job with this James, detailed textures and cab view for you to enjoy. Head over to the new TRS19 RWS tab for your Trainz today!

Note: This should be obvious, but this model is for TRS19 only.


A Halloween Treat!


Happy Halloween everyone! We hope you have a fun and safe Halloween this year. When it came to deciding whether to play a trick or a treat...well, I decided to do both. First off is a treat from GNR J13 Man, an updated version of his Dark Green Tank Engine he submitted for the Obscure Character Contest this July, now with 3D faces. And as for my trick? Well, you'll see on the final Day of the Dead this November 2nd...

Until then, Happy Hallow's Eve to all the little devils & tricksters of Sodor Workshops!


Express coming through!


Today we have a long awaited release by many, Fabian's Gordon! We are celebrating this release today with Carson's birthday, so make sure to give him your birthday wishes! Gordon was a joint venture between Carson, Fabian, Riley, and myself, and we hope you enjoy him to your hearts content!

With Gordon, he marks new features for our TTTE TRS19 range:

1. Joystick support for eye and face control, this is only supported with Trainz Plus currently but will work in normal TRS19 when that is available. Wheeshing is also supported, you will need to bind all of these controls in your Trainz Settings. 

2. New smoke effects, Riley has been working on these and the old time constant steaming whistle should be fixed.

3. 3 part whistles have been a thing in many other Trainz models, and now it is the case for Gordon! 3 part whistles are more accurate in their sound and how a real whistle reacts. We hope you like how his sounds.

4. Track sounds! This is a big addition that you may not understand the difference until you run the model. When Gordon moves, the track sounds are now replaced by track sounds from the show further enhancing your TV series experience.

5. He is multiplayer ready! Gordon and all of his assets are available on the Download Station so you can use him in your own multiplayer sessions. Eyes also are sent via multiplayer now, so multiple players can run Gordon and have their eyes and faces change on your screen! Big thanks to Riley for creating this script and Terry Palmer at N3V Games for helping us fix our script. 



10 Years of Workshops!

7 - 6 - 19

Today, the whole staff of Sodor Workshops have exciting news for everyone!

First off, If you have not already joined the Sodor Workshops Discord Server, feel free to do so as we are now on Level 1 of the Discord Nitro Server boost! If you have Discord Nitro you can boost the server where we can get cool perks like better audio in voice channels, a server banner and bigger upload limits!

Speaking about our discord server, we just finished up our first modeling competition held in the server! The theme of the competition: Alternative or Obscure Thomas Characters Congratulations to the top three winners, ThomasDaTank in 1st place, scooter in 2nd place and Jje09 in 3rd place, well done to them! Our next modeling competition has already been announced starting on September 30th, with the theme being, Day Out With Thomas Modelling Competition! The rules for this will be announced later.

Starting off with releases today comes BoCo, another character from Riley! He has once again outdone himself on another outstanding model! Next up, comes The Scottish Twins, Duck and Henry! MiscMischief48 strives in perfection with his models, and these are no exception! Ready for Train Simulator 19 along with PBR textures! We also have released a new route by Hernan! In case you missed it, Workshops just finished it's first ever "Workshops Direct!"

You can go and re-watch it here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xwEAlSMuapU Anyway that is all we have for you this time! Hope you all enjoy the latest releases and stay tuned on the site for future updates!


The Workshops Team

We aren't dead yet!


Riley has unleashed two more characters into the Trainz realm: Arthur and Devious Diesel! Riley has done a incredible job on them, and for a first we have a trailer done by Carson for Arthur! You can find it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qzaDiuytInA&feature=youtu.be I hope you enjoy them, and look forward to what else we have in store in the future!



The Workshops Grows


Today marks quite a new milestone for the Workshops, as we have several new exciting releases for you. First up is our inclusion of MSTS/ORTS content. We revived some of the old classics by Robert (even though he was severely against it) and lovely content by MSTS content creator Felix Cheng! We are super thankful he let us host his content on the Workshops.

Next up on the list is a new facepack for James by Darth (why not use some classic models?) and some Marklin inspired procedural track for TRS19.

Last up on the list is the site's first inclusion of a Workshops Content Creation program submission! Up for download is Jje09's lovely Sodor Flatbeds, with a plethora of options for loads such as logs, oil drums, paint drums , and more. Please note they are for TRS19 only at the moment, but they are well worth the download. 

You've also probably noticed the Workshops got a giant overhaul; that is certainly true! The Workshops was in well need of a new fresh coat of paint, with new banner pictures and slides provided by Darth, Carson, Aiden, and Soupy. Big shout out to them for helping me out. If you don't like our current design you can see the old home page by clicking the text next to our logo on the top left.

That's all for now, stay tuned!



New Beginnings?


We here at Workshops value your input and feedback, and have realized that many people would rather not spend money to upgrade to the next edition of Trainz. To remedy this issue, we have decided to revert to trainz build 1.0 for all future releases, to ensure compatibility in all editions of trainz. Utilizing state of the art m.onetex, flat shading, and advanced vertex colors, our models will be better than ever. To kick this off, we have Charlie, a model that has been in the making for over a year, with an outstandingly realistic enginesound courtesy of Aiden, and an amazingly well made theme. In the future, we plan to color sample MSTNoodle’s models for extreme accuracy.

-The Team

Happy Holidays!


Season's Greetings all Trainz users! Sodor Workshops has plenty of gifts this time of year for your enjoyment! We've got a brand-new Percy, lots of updates to Murdoch, and a new release with Stepney The Bluebell Engine! Remember, all new assets are for Trainz 19 only (from Fabian) and as always, enjoy. We would also like to welcome Fabian (MiscMischief48) to the team! We look forward to see what he has to offer in the future,

- Sodor Workshops

Note - For every future release, Workshop models and dependencies will now be also hosted on the Trainz DLS in addition to the site for easier access of lost assets and widespread availability. We will not stop hosting content on the site but use the DLS as another resource. 

Lady Snowplow Fix


A fix for Lady's snowplow is now available. It should no longer derail immediately when you couple to it.


Open for Submissions!


The staff of the Sodor & Railroad Workshops are proud to announce our brand new Content Submission Program! If you are interested in submitting content to either the Railroad or Sodor Workshops, please read more on its dedicated page in the "Content Creation" tab.


Addition of Railworks Content


After some discussions, we have decided to merge the NWRailworks and Sodor Workshops! All of the Railworks content is now available for download here. While this does not mean we will be converting to make Railworks content, there is now that possibility for us in the future.

Have fun!


More Content Fixes


No new content, just a swarm of fixed content to make most of the site compatible with TANE and TRS19. The following content has been edited/fixed for TANE and TRS19:

Donnie (Coupler issue/Script issue/Chuff rate/Face textures)

Sigrid (Green texture/Face textures)

CGI Percy V2 Wheels (Green texture)

Jet Engine (Script issue/Green texture)

Elsie (Green texture)

RWS Stepneys (Green texture)

Skarloey Railway Wood Plank Vans (Link back online)

RWS Flying Scotsman (Green texture)

As always, if I missed something or if more content is broken, let me know on Discord or through an email. 




Happy Halloween!


Happy Halloween everyone! Many of us have been busy with projects behind closed doors, but this time we have two (non particularly spooky) treats for you all: City of Truro and Murdoch! City of Truro and Murdoch have a new lamp script that allows for all of the basic UK headcodes in addition to a TVS lamp code and a Royal train headcode! No need to manually swap the attachment points anymore. Big thanks to Carson for doing the sound effects on both engines.

Adding to the Halloween treats midday, we have the long awaited version two of the Test Track! Check out all of the new features today!

Note: City of Truro will be receiving a TANE version later this winter. Test Track will also be receiving a TRS19 version later this winter. 

The TRS19 content continues..


Today we have another release by Riley, this time Bill and Ben! They have a new form of eye animations, letting you control which rotation the eyes are at. A little window will pop-up in-game to let you control them. Head over to the TRS19 loco page to download them now!

A new generation of Thomas Trainz content


Today marks a new generation for Sodor Workshops and Thomas Trainz content. I am happy to announce Rheneas, made by rileyzzz using the new PBR workflow. Riley has outdone themselves, with a new feature we have not seen before, animated faces. You will find a new tab under Locomotives dedicated for TRS19, the latest version of Trainz. Currently you can pre-order it and get early-access and begin playing around with it. All SW content should work fine in it, and with Rheneas, we mark the first Sodor Workshops TRS19 content. An update for the Test Track to support TRS19 and TANE SP3 will be returning soon. Note that Rheneas will ONLY work in TRS19, and will NOT be converted for TANE.

So please, everyone welcome Rileyzzz to the team and look forward to whatever we will have in the future!

Content Fixes


Hey everyone, I've finally gotten around to updating the website to have our content hosted on Dropbox. I've been paying for Dropbox and Google Drive separately for too long, and figured Dropbox is the better value so here we are. 

In addition, I have gone ahead and fixed the majority of all the content that has been plagued with the green textures since TANE's release. If I have missed one of the models, please let me know, and I'll fix it right away.

Currently, these have been updated:


TVS Ryan

Thomas Awdry Ver



MSR Stanley

The link for RWS Stepney is now fixed as well. It includes the joke NWR '1' Ver in the zip, so that is why the download for that is now missing.

Please report to me if there are any other errors using the contact page.



More unexpected arrivals!


Out of no where comes another release! Some more items from Camscott, some lovely Scottish Twins. Includes several liveries! Click on the D&D picture to the left to see which liveries are included.



We are not dead!


We are not dead yet! The workshops team has a lot in the works, but things take time. I'm also planning to get some of my content ready for TRS19, which should be coming out later this year. Gotta look forward to that! 

For now, here is a new release from Camscott, Henry MK2! He includes lamp scripting this time, a feature many of you were keen on having. Should work in anything above TRS2009, it's important to remember that you should try and upgrade to newer versions of Trainz, especially TRS19 when it comes out. Believe me, you won't regret it!



Sorry folks!


Happy April fools everyone. I've received a bunch of emails from unhappy users with my prank this year... I apologize, but you should realize it is April 1st! Never take anything seriously on April 1st. I have taken off the joke Thomas, and as a heads up I am slowly working on the actual release for Thomas. I'm doing more testing now but I can't give a release date yet. Maybe the end of the year? Who knows.



P.S. Stop sending me emails about the Thomas being the wrong one on the site, I've gotten enough of those already today...

Pumping Pistons!


I hope everyone is ready for a new breakthrough in Thomas Trainz models, because my Thomas has been released! I hope you all enjoy him for everything he has to offer.

Oh, the Indignity!


Gordon V2 has been released, with all dependencies now included with a new, more vibrant livery thanks to Carson.



New development for the Workshops


Today on the Workshops we are proud to present Camscott's Thomas and Friends content! He offered to let us host his content due to Si3D closing their forums, thus leaving his content unavailable to download. All of his content is available for download, and all work with T:ANE with no errors!

There were also some errors for our latest Gordon release and missing route dependencies which should be fixed now. If you still have problems head to our Discord server and ask what questions you may have. You can find the Discord link on the homepage of our site.

Hope you all enjoy!

Trumbling Trios!


Today we have a trio release featuring a new Percy by Andrew, and a updated Gordon with new textures by Carson and other fixes by Andrew. A new route has finally appeared on the site thanks to Carson as well, featuring the Sodor Workshops Test Track! It supports different gauges so test as many types of trains!

Please note this route only works on Trainz: A New Era Service Pack 2 and above. There will not be a version for older Trainz games.

Have fun!


Merry Christmas!


After six plus months in development, I give you Lady. I appreciate all of the help I've been given with Lady and it is great to finally get her out. Also from Darth we have a Percy 2010 facepack, as well as the D&D from last christmas I forgot to upload. I wish you a wonderful holiday season and Christmas!

Now to finish a certain blue character... ;)

Warmest Regards,


Note: PLEASE Read Lady's manual! It'll answer many questions you have off the bat. I spent time making it so use it!

Happy Summer



Aquarium Trucks

These include my new couplings which will overwrite the old garbage ones. Hopefully you enjoy the upgrade.

Ryan RWS Release


Happy Easter all.


Ryan RWS ver. by Robert

Jinty Release



RWS Jinty the Jinty by Andrew, commission by WesternShunter

March 27th 2017 Update


Wow I'm super original with news updates

From now on news updates will be short and sweet, I'm too lazy to write fancy fluff


Content Creation Page, Cab controls by Robert


Ffarquhar now contains the Quarry


Luke's old RWS Thomas


Old Stuck-up

Percy the Small Engine (RWS/TVS Hybrid)

Skarloey Railway Slate Trucks

It's time for Halloween!


It's that time of year again, and I invite you to spend it with a bit more spooky than last year! I have released an updated version of the Skellington E2 along with some other goodies that I believe you all shall enjoy.

Happy Halloween!

New routes!


Today our newest member, Nick (WesternShunter) releases not one, but three new routes for you guys to enjoy! His routes use content from Si3D and the DLS, so make sure to have content from them. 

Phillip the Boxcab!


Today marks a new release from our newest Workshop member, Nick! Welcome to the team buddy. With his first release on the Workshops comes his latest model; Phillip! You can find more of Nick's work on his deviantart.

Also adding to this update is DarthAssassian's Thomas face pack update. This will work for any Thomas faces used by the Workshops, as well as WNW's models. You do not have to do anything, they will automatically install over the old versions. The Skarloey Wood plank vans have also been released by Robert and Sketchy. I have also fixed the missing Splodge models, which randomly disappeared a while back.

Enjoy, and make sure to join the Discord group if you haven't!

With love,


Express coming through!


After weeks of procrastinating to fix small issues on him, Gordon is finally ready for release! TheChairmaster has done a fantastic job modelling him. He really captured the classic look of Gordon. We hope you enjoy the release!

RWS Scotsman released!


Here is a fun collaboration between Wildnorwester and Warship! Both have done a fantastic job, so make sure to give them your thanks!

Workshopmas finished! (finally)


Phew, Workshopmas is finally over with! Even though it has taken us a bit longer than we expected, we are proud to conclude this year's christmas release with all of our 15 respective releases. 


The entire team is tickled by the love and support everyone has been giving us, we really do appreciate it! 


All of the Christmas releases have also been moved to their respective pages on the site, but the tree will remain on the front page until February. 


As another update, several members on the team have picked up Trainz: A New Era and will be making sure all future releases will work in it. The majority of the content on the website works in it, and if it doesn't, only requires very minor tweaks!


With this, a new update has been created that makes the eyes work on all of the Workshops models in Trainz: A New Era. You can find this update on every  loco page on the site, and normal Trainz users should download this update too, since it fixes several problems people have had with our models in the past.


Who knows what we have in store for 2016? Only time will tell!


- The Team

Strasburg Railway Percy Released!


I have released my "what if"  version of a USA Percy. Keep in mind that this is not supposed to be the real Day out with Thomas Percy, so there are a lot of differences!

The Iron Works twins are here!


Iron Arry and Iron Bert are here! Head over to the TVS Locomotives tab to download them!



Quick Spooky update!


Hey everyone, here's a small Halloween treat I made for everyone!


Don't expect many features, but make sure to press L at night time to have the Skeleton's eyes light up!

Splodge Update


A quick update has been made for Splodge. If you already downloaded them, all you have to do is reinstall the "Splodge.cdp". 

The TATMR villains are here!


Both Warship and I are pleased to release Diesel 10 and Splodge for all of you to enjoy. We hope you enjoy, and more to come!


- tomix

Site Update 1


The route section is back, with three routes added from the old site.


Whiff 0-4-4 ver. also has an updated engine spec so you can now go faster and pull more wagons, redownload him if you want that!

Site relaunch!


Welcome to the new and improved Sodor Workshops!

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