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Trainz Help

      This page is dedicated to those that may be experiencing difficulties with our models (or others) and want some help. On this page I describe some common Trainz errors you may run into with our content or other Thomas and Friends Trainz content. 

      Note: There are many more errors that may occur when committing an asset. If you find one not listed here, check the official Trainz Wiki here:


      I use x and to describe a placeholder value. Content manager will give you actual numbers, but I omit them to let guide fit any situation.

VE30: The tag image in 'x' refers to a nonexistent file: 'y'

The Problem:

Content Manager is looking for a image file that simply does not exist in the asset. 

In our example asset to the right, the asset is missing "screenshot.bmp."

Remember, the config may be referencing something other than just "screenshot.bmp." Checking the Config will tell you directly which thumbnails it is looking for.


The easiest solution is to put a image with the same name into the asset.